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April 2019, joey blog 1, audio version

May 2019, joey blog 2, audio version

June 2019, joey blog 3, audio version

June 2019, joey blog 4, audio version


June 2019, joey blog 4

whoever frames the narrative wins 'anybody who has served in combat in any way understands that words are weapons. & i'm in a war. the...

June 2019, joey blog 3

the two types ov musics joey placin hanx! (cassette - stiff little fingers live) into zehra and our hands and foldin everyones fingers...

May 2019, joey blog 2

theatre directors & actors don't tend to like stage instructions - advice to writers tends to be cut it out. some might be allowed to...

April 2019, by sean burn (blog 1)

we reckon, like philip pullman and many others also that what humans need most after food, warmth and shelter are stories. why weve kept...

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