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June 2019, joey blog 3

the two types ov musics

joey placin hanx! (cassette - stiff little fingers live) into zehra and our hands and foldin everyones fingers over the knackered plastic lives forever. before then us three huddlin over knackered silver cassette player / radio with twin arials and a dial that keeps slippin off-station, volume sometimes leapin. (now psych-professionals actually stage huddles (tho theirs have lanyards) as an official part ov their job to deem once again this past fortnight we are too mental to be helped. and downin street put greenlights up outside their door cos it was mental-somethin-or-other week. good to talk? someone needs to listen first. and offer support / change. untie yr lanyards, roll up yr sleeves, get messy - help us heal. healin can come from shoutin - singin - swearin (those with the bleakest sweariest humour tend to survive the longest) ... our punk-poet teacher sayin listen to whats bein sung - those voices out record shop doorways! (curatin playlists isnt a moral equivalence, sorry!) - so weve always tuned into the good kind ov musics, no the other kind. - forget any other categorisin. do those sounds move yu, shake yu, make yu yearn, get yu askin questions, they hurdy-gurdyin yu, makin yu think? are yu listenin?

give this another listen. trumps innauguration & band after band refuse to play. we offer to put together a crack band who would play. only on our rules, our playlist, amplification, and no-one - no-one gets to leave venue till the fat laddys sung. beds, caffeine, other backstage - discussed with musicians how how those guitar-&-other-solos could last four years easy. elvis wouldnt be leavin that white house anytime soon. they never got back to us

yu gotta listen like lives depend. like life depends. listen. deeply. actively. learn from silences & silencins too. learnt much politics from musics. multiverses. beats. unbeaten. always wanted to be musician, down decades believin we were 'failed' cos couldnt play. now gobscure sounds go worldwide. still workin out is anyone hearin?

our first play wz mother courage around age 15, so a little after events ov joey. we'd stolen books and posted them to v previously - brechts poetry included. brechts spring 1938 #1 - thats right now, 2019 c.e. - war loomin, in response goin outside and wrappin fruit trees in sackin, works for us. just repotted two ash trees in backyard our council flat - ten years after spokenword performance outdoors with ravens-calls and tree-givin - teesside, beside the north york moors - saplins then, abovehead height now - just added our final deads ashes in, those tree tubs now full). way back, this poster for brechts mother courage much to beautiful to nick so we saw the show instead. community space - proper blackout - crew surroundin and beatin percussion outta all so when lights finally come up we are in war-zone. beats, hearts-beatin, unbeaten? words, music, teesside and those moors beyond can do that

oldest record shop in the world - spillers in cardiff - no longer sells morrisey cos ov his racism. so many lessons learnt via musics - francois villon as first victim ov waterboardin back in the fourteenth century, torture thru hope (under 30's fascisms), stillnesses among curlews pibroch and silver birches firth murmerins, choosin families flesh on flesh at the back ov gigs, punks & others for rojava, ranters - levellers - diggers, samizdat smugglins outta former east, musicians counterin politicians fakin the news for decades, boogie-woogie to stone-masons blues to forward with the past, hearin other tongues - all is migration - weve travelled further than the faroe islands, all is flux, beats, melodies from all over. music has helped us in grievins, relievins, survivins, transcendins, nobody speak nobody get choked? cheers rtj ... this fat laddy hasnt left the buildin quite, beats, hearts-beatin, hurdygurdy as punk

playlists for cremation? ours is the clash - straight to hell; carla bleys escalator over the hill includin the final locked groove; sidney bechets summonsins; n'kosi sikele afrika with the anc old-style seguein to kwela; duduk summonsins; everythin on leo records ever; ur sonate rock n roll versions; no playlist fugazi; piles ov coathangers slowly trickled; wind-turbines at 2am; feedbacks and mic-drops; smetanas 'from my life'; sankho namchylaks summonsins; hurdygurdys; annea lockwood - she sampled stars! urlicht from mahlers 2nd wider than expandin multiverses ... should take a while ... those years with joey helped us witness the two types ov music - the good & the other - were still seekin those sounds fuelled in love & rage - the beats, the heart, beatin


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