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June 2019, joey blog 4

whoever frames the narrative wins

'anybody who has served in combat in any way understands that words are weapons. & i'm in a war. the war hasn't stopped.' andrew vachss

if yu want it more politely : 'the cultural software is being recoded ... watch your language. the words we use actually shape the perception of the matters we discuss, in both conscious & unconscious ways.'

also andrew vachss

only able to nick one andrew vachss book (apologies for yu not earning royalties on that but yu'll understand why we so needed yr words there / then - relates to yr lifelong campaigning) the rest we had to order & thus pay for - each worth way more than the cover price. theres also a childrens book for adults - another chance to get it right. yr partner, alice vachss work is just as amazing - thank yu's both

not academic but cognitive linguistics / essentialist thinking / textual abuse and social constructionist theory all make sense for us.

narratives dont reflect but actively shape power - media / politicians constructing fear thru demonisations, language is central. learnt all this after our worst sectioning when a homeless hostel 'support' worker threw at us 'what do you need books for yr homeless?'. retaliated by studying for an open university degree, took 13 years, completed during early drafts ov joey. we know - inside and out, in our gut and in our mind, how words work - or too often - how they dont

don’t think of the elephant is the book that energised bernie sanders 2016 campaign - whoever frames a narrative wins. push back against the top-down narrative? yr just fire-fighting, knackered, and yu lose. yu want to win the argument? pick the battleground, reframe the narrative. joey literally blew things away by doing just that. reading the future and getting in first by changing their name before joey even became a term of abuse! joey - the play - is in part about 'they gave lou reed ect cos he was bi, dont let em give yu'. laurie anderson, an amazing person (who was also lou reeds partner) was asked in berlin, spring 2017 c.e. about how to begin again. her reply was 'I think that the resistance will be in the language, & I think that it will be artists that do it'

were all born with a voice. & we've all lived and so have stories (plural!) to tell. yet were almost always silenced and in almost all ways. sometimes were permitted a tiny voice but only within carefully controlled circumstances. stiff little fingers and other bands rewrote 'rules'. decades later its finally acknowledged those punk bands in northern ireland contributed to the peace process by bringing together young people (aka the future) from different sides ov divides, uniting them in love & rage in the & realisation they were being lied too. peace is again under threat along the 499km of the north - south irish border just because of harder-further-faster-right posturings over who gets to be next prime monster down downing street

a frictionless border was shipped january 2018 - that was a lot of lube!

elif shafak came out and named the bisexual pen. all pens contain the potential to be bi - mary wollstonecrafts was!

under article 25 of the universal declaration of human rights (britain is a signatory) housing is a human right

those with open-carry swastikas must be denied their rebrand. the damage inflicted on all in uncritically adopting their preferred phrasing blinds us to the uber-harm done by the alt-reich

because of how were trained from birth placing illness around any / all mental distress makes us literally see disease so we subconsciously switch off / move away; we gotta see the woundings causing the distress not fake it with dis ease

britain isnt a small island, ynys môn (top of wales) is. britain is like indonesia - a huge archipelago (group of islands) - but ours is the 6th largest economy in the world. over 2.5 trillion pounds flow thru these islands annually - what couldnt we achieve collectively with that!

the future isnt written despite what piers-smog-gove say

oppositional defiance disorder is only ever asking questions

help us keep rewriting! theres more words than joey,


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