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April 2019, by sean burn (blog 1)

we reckon, like philip pullman and many others also that what humans

need most after food, warmth and shelter are stories. why weve kept

hold ov our words forever, tried sharing them too. one our cycles ov

poetry - tree from throat & spine - deals with our worst sectioning - final

lines reading

so many velvet revolutions, words fuelling ours

have seen libraries where poets heads are missing

drunk the underground stories since first hospitalized

age thirteen - know where everyone else is buried

the last so we are - having words while others didnt

our voice has been the only thing not taken from us - and tho mostly

ignored we still found ways to sneak words out - sometimes

conventionally and sometimes un ...

a few years ago we dared apply for the first year ov graeae theatres

'write to play' scheme supporting disabled and deaf writers. we were

amazed to be accepted. we also managed to get a play on tour that

year thanks to the much-missed jackie fielding. collector ov tears was

north-east play ov the year, 2014 (british theatre guide) and is still in

print via aurora metro. we also had our first heart-attack - psychiatrists

comment after 'whoops, yes, i wondered when that was going to

happen. i suppose we should have warned you about those sideeffects'

will burn forever as does the fact that the enforced

antipsychotics aka neuroleptics (no informed consent there) are 'contraindicated'

for those with heart conditions or having undergone heart

surgery. does this mean their continued drugs-peddling wz criminal


on the graeae scheme, selma dimitrijevic ov greyscale theatre was our

mentor - she 'had our back' as independent advocate and much more

and she remained so supportive ever since. she even offered to host us

as artistic associate and try help a little with some ov those words, voice,

silensings, being heard. we didnt know playwrights could receive

support in this way but are glad to have found out. joey is where its led.

we need more tho! will someone hear more ov our stories and allow us

to survive longer down the line, theres still so much to tell! joey is the

hardest thing we've written, we've cried a lot too, probably driven others

to tears. (collector ov tears featured actual tear bottles - the final tears

collected in that story were ov joy the day maggie 1.0 resigned)

now weve always hated being boxed in when to be human is messy,

complex, it involves more not less friction. and joey is slippery - crossing

multiple boundaries, refusing to get nailed. down. joey explores plurals

- including (bi)sexualities; resisting power; musics. we'll never forget the

surge ov excitement ov stiff little fingers live album hanx or tuning in to

john peel. just as con partys reckless brexit threatens returning

bloodshed to irelands blurred border it also has finally been

acknowledged how bands like stiff little fingers contributed to peace in

northern ireland by bringing together young people from both sides that


current growth market in psychiatry is 'oppositional defiance disorder'

aka asking questions. our joey was forever asking questions. those

questions live on - questions like what actually matters, whats not being

said, why is it being done like that? why not design oppressions outta

every system - to mess up in the ways we do is expensive. joey is about

these multiple possibilities, ov rewriting futures, its not too late



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