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May 2019, joey blog 2

theatre directors & actors don't tend to like stage instructions - advice to writers tends to be cut it out. some might be allowed to linger - really only as writer suggesting maybes something is needed here? theatre is collaborative & we love these collaboratings. one stage instruction repeated thru joey is stepping out ov time - during research / development the creative team explored just that, & various audiences at the sharings ov versions ov joey experienced this too. audiences with lived experience ov mental distresses for example tended to say this makes perfect sense, just not sure ov whats going on outside

ten years ago the banking collapse ended neo-liberalism - humans entered an era way more uncaring - a radical shift for the worse! under shock-doctrine / disaster capital / surveillance & data capitalism were constantly under pressure to 'speed up'. our time is being stolen & this leaves us reeling punchdrunk. were supposed to be always connected, available, on -told to push back ever quicker against the incoming, no time to think or analyse - are yu for us or against? we need to slow right down. preferably stop. think. think some more. ask questions. work on answers to design stressors & aggressors outta systems. anthropology shows humans are only designed to work max 35 hours a week in total - after this, its not that productivity slows, we actively undo achievements, we go backwards

stepping out ov time in joey is about multiple other things also. humans can't multitask - look at the data. we cycle rapidly between tasks but lose focus, stuff gets lost in the cracks. when the bomb goes off (literal or metaphoric) our bodies shut down background processings it considers to be unnecessary to flight or fight situations - its feels as if time slows, meaning we have more capacity to act, survive, escape. recent genuine question from a psych-professional - just how dissociative are yu? how dya begin to answer that? perhaps yu'v stepped outta time?

psychedelics (what bill hicks used to call an untaxed drug) can allow the experience for example ov becoming part ov the 'big bang' expansion ov this universe from a different state. psychedelics can allow the experience (for example) ov experiencing this universe thru to maximum expansion & then imploding back in on itself. physics experiences this

over tens ov billions ov years, psychedelics can allow the feeling ov this. but psychedelics are true co-production so if yu get bored ov mentally experiencing a few cycles do ask to be shown something else. its worthwhile noting that despite colossal govern-mental interferences true scientists like professor david nutt (who knows way more about class a b, c & other drugs than even narco osborne - the former chancellor slash county lines champion) under careful scientific study have repeatedly demonstrated promising results in treating multiple mental distresses including ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder) & depressions with these & other untaxed substances. why would the govern-mentals be against this? (tho one study where yu have two psychiatrists - one each side speaking 'reassuringly' throughout the psychedelic experience sounds like hellova bad trip

we love cosmologists pointing out that while this current universe has been expanding outwards for around 13.8 billion years it is possible to see around 92 billion light years ov universe in total diameter & that there is no contradiction. theoretical physicists explore the elastic nature ov time - carlo rovelli in the order ov time suggests there is no such thing as past or future. the clock ov the long now is an art & engineering & philosophical idea to embody deep time. the desire is to build a clock that could run accurately for ten thousand years & be maintainable by future generations using nothing more than bronze age tools. it should be understandable to future generations without taking apart & it should be built in such a way it can be improved over time without stopping it. oh & a cuckoo cuckoos every millennium. deep time is the opposite ov build cycles, news cycles, electoral cycles, consumption cycles - all ov which epidemiologists (they study catastrophic tipping points in populations) have shown are driving humans to greater misery, & in our miseries were taking multiple other species down with us. why are certain folks with way too much power already demanding we speed up rather than slow down & query more?

joey is about slowing down & taking our time. joey helped us learn how to bake bara brith - a gorgeous fruitcake outta wales. v helped us bake greek bread. slowing us right down. joeys final scene is outside ov time but with new caledonian crows. theyve solved every puzzle science has set them so far. they have theory ov mind. they make tools. they share culture). outside ov time is where polluted water gets repurified. please, lets steal time together, make time together, lets slow right down. & after? sit with us over a cup ov coffee yeah?

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